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BBC Introducing

12:44PM Tue 19th August 2014

So 106 popped balloons has recently been played on BBC Introducing in Devon which was amazing! Thank you BBC!! If you could have seen my face as my entire family were sitting around the radio in our lounge waiting for it to come on air, you'd have laughed! It was like something out of an old cringy movie ha!

It's so exciting when you hear your music on the radio for the first time though, its like you've reached a stage where people have decided your good enough to play on air to thousands of people, and that feels amazing! I'm like a big kid with things like that, I dont think I'll ever take it for granted when good things happen for me, I'll always be the first to jump up and dance around my lounge embarrassing myself.

I just wanted to write this post to say thank you! :)

loads of love

Anna xox

You can buy my CD online!

7:21PM Mon 12th May 2014

You can now purchase my CD online as either a physical CD or a digital download in the format of your choice. To find out more please follow this link to my Bandcamp page. 

Anna xox

Launch Gig

7:20PM Mon 12th May 2014

Thanks to everyone who came to my launch gig on the 10th May. My band and I were blown away by the amount of support we had. It was a great gig in a lovely venue. Also (more importantly) a childs life was changed forever as they were sponsored by a lovely couple. As most people are aware, my tour this year is in support of Compassion Uk who work with children in severe poverty across the world. They provide health care, education, nutritional advice and support, a community of people who care for and love the child, and most importantly a chance to hear about Jesus. For as little as 83p per day (thats not even one McFlurry a day) you can provide a child with all that support and give them a future. Over 30,000 children die of poverty a day and thanks to the work Compassion do this number is falling. For more info please get in contact or visit the compassion website .

Thanks again for your support

Anna xox

Launch Gig

10:35AM Thu 24th April 2014

Anna and her band will be performing at Upton Vale Baptist Church in Torquay on May 10th to launch her new album. The gig will start at 7.30. Anna is touring in support of Compassion, a worldwide Christian child development charity. Compassion work with children in severe poverty all across the world. This launch event will mark the start of a national summer tour. 

Debut EP release April 2014

11:13PM Tue 25th February 2014

Anna will be releasing her debut EP in April of this year. This will feature a selection of original songs written by Anna, and will be downloadable online and as a physical product. The official release date will be posted very soon!

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