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Anna O’Mally was born singing! Emerging from a small town where anything goes, and with a story that packs a punch, Anna’s songs will have you laughing, crying, and feeling like you could rule the world! With funky guitar and lyrics that are worth listening to, she implores you to believe in something bigger than your circumstances. She started writing songs at a point in her life when there was no other option, if she didn't write it down it was like her head would burst.  

Inspired by artists such as Tori kelly, Paloma Faith, and the greats like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, Anna's songs show her at her most vulnerable, raw and authentic. This 5ft3 anomaly of a person carries something unique and captivating that is woven into her music, and she invites you to join her as she explores the world around her the only way she knows how, one song at a time.

Anna was recently featured on ITV’s This Morning show and is a regular guest with BBC Introducing. Anna’s debut album I Am Anomaly is available to download on iTunes


A bit from Anna about the album:

"I've recently been trying to make my music, in the real world, sound like it does in my head. I think I got pretty close so I've released I Am Anomaly which is available on iTunes. It's an album of two halves. Over the last few years I've been writing whatever came to mind, not focusing on a specific genre. I ended up writing songs that fell into two categories, the more funky stuff in the first half of the album and the reverb drenched emotional outpourings in the second. I can't pick between them (it would be like chosing a favourite kid!) so I've released them together and called it I Am Anomaly!Thanks for supporting me and my music, it means a lot!





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